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About Ready to Win

To be a successful Reserve Force, we must focus on our actions at every level to simplify our business processes, enable our people, leverage our skills and relationships, and bring all our resources to bear as fast as possible.

Innovative ideas and solutions are being heard from across the Force. Together, we will design and make changes that will bring the Navy Reserve's capabilities to the fight faster and with more impact. We will break through barriers, such as administrative distractions and legacy systems that slow us down. To accomplish this, we must work as a team, from the headquarters to the individual.

Let your voice be heard! We want to hear your ideas!

Please visit our Navy Reserve Idea Portal where you can submit your ideas, as well as, review, like, and comment on other ideas.

* Please note that although direct access to the portal is available through the internet, a Common Access Card (CAC) is still required for login.

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Simplify the way Reserve Sailors support the Fleet by streamlining activities, programs, and policies to make them more efficient.

Meeting 21st Century demands with outdated processes is not sustainable; they require too much time, effort and often detract from maintaining readiness and supporting the Fleet. We must have simplified processes to compete in time to win the next fight.

Simplify focuses on the following objectives:

  • Improve how to request and deliver Reserve Sailor support
  • Increase the quality and quantity of Reserve Sailors' time-on-mission
  • Streamline administrative processes
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Enable Reserve Sailors to more effectively provide warfighting capabilities through innovative technology and supportive policies.

Our people are the 'heart' of the supporting role and experience we bring to the Fleet. These efforts are designed to modernize how Reserve Sailors manage their careers, eliminate pay and personnel issues, create a 'Detailer Marketplace' that recognizes civilian and military skills, and enables a more seamless transition between active and reserve duty.

Key enablers improve Reserve Sailors contributions to the Fleet by optimizing:

  • Cloud-based computing and mobile applications
  • Administrative procedures
  • Virtual presence and other new methods
  • The integration of requirements into personnel transformation initiatives and support program
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Leverage Reserve Sailors' civilian skills and relationships within their prospective industry to further enhance our contributions to the Fleet.

Reserve Sailor civilian occupations span the full spectrum of professional fields and their partnerships with industry and academia create a powerful force multiplier. In addition, Navy Reserve Sailors are the 'Face of the Navy' in their local communities where key relationships are ideal to leverage the power of trust, honesty, and integrity with the American people. We need to better utilize that unique combination of military and civilian skills which give the Navy a competitive advantage.

How to Add Civilian Skills Information to Your Record


Leverage focuses on the following objectives:

  • Match willing Reservists' civilian skills with critical Fleet needs
  • Build trust with key influencers in the civilian sector
  • Partner with academic, research and technology institutions

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Resource is the manning, training, and equipment that delivers a more responsive Reserve Force capabilities to the Fleet.

To create a pathway to success we must have innovative processes that are resourced with the right tools for the job. Providing better services in support of the Navy's mission expands our ability to deliver operational support and strategic depth.

Resource focuses on the following objective:

  • Develop and fund the proper capabilities to rapidly deliver ready Reserve Forces to the right place at the right time